‘Shot’ Become The First Blow Of Mikha Angelo Being A Solo Artist

Mikha Angelo -SHOT

Wonderland Records – After sailing the amazing seven years journey with the Overtunes, Mikha Angelo decided to start a journey as a solo artist in independent way. Without overrule the overtunes, Mikha is committed to do both.

“I think this is the right time for me to share what I feel, in personal. Something that makes me feel on fire but in the same way sometimes make me scared.” – Mikha Angelo.

Mikha is fully involved in the making of ‘Shot’, from the writing process, music arrangement, and so the producer role. Mikha is wondering that what he can do now as a producer is a complete lesson from many project that he do before with the overtunes and another musician that he work together with.

‘Shot” is the very first song to begin the journey of Mikha Angelo debut album as a solo artist. Any music that he write solo, is a personal experiences story based. He try to share the experiences of growing up in his way.

‘Shot’ is a song that deeper than a broken heart. Being betrayed by someone that we loved the most, from a very long term relations that we think we had. When the most loved ones reveal a secret that inappropriate to be a secret, it changes the point of view of relationship.

Start at 20th March 2020, ‘Shot’ is available in all digital streaming platform and also many radio stations in Indonesia.